A 19th Hole Aside

Ladies tea at the 19th holeWhen you’re sat at the ever popular nineteenth hole, you get talking to the girls. So after my last post about how the golf course affects your skincare, we had another little discussion. Again about skin, but this time about what you can do when your skin has become quite damaged from spending far too long on those sunny courses. I know, this is turning into a beauty blog instead of a golf blog, I’ll get back to the game next time I promise 🙂

So what do you do when you skin has lots of those sun spots or even nasty UV burns. Stay out of the sun for a while is obviously step 1. But you need to do something to give your skin a little first aid, and TLC. There’s all sorts of remedies you can put on it, with aloe vera creams being great for soothing, and just plain old olive oil for being great for hydration.

Here’s a new one on me though and I’ve got to say I’m not only impressed by how Skinderma Pro feels on your face but also by how the manufacturers have gone all out to make this as natural a product as it’s possible to make!

The lady who introduced me to this product had a quite different use for it. Plagued with minor stretch marks she had been recommended it for that purpose, and was pleased with the results (and no, pregnancy is most definitely not the only reason you get stretch marks as men suffer them too!). Many of us suffer simliar skin marks – although there is some confusion on the difference between stretch marks and scars. They are similar but the causes are of course very different. Both can be reduced in appearance though, depending on the age, severity and your skin type too. We shouldn’t mind them, we should just feel beautiful regardless – but we do mind and can’t help that, so anything that can help improve the appearance of things we’d rather not be afflicted by is worth a shot in my opinion. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Right, now it really is time to get back to the golfing (working on my putt today) – skin protected and all – more from me soon.