The Golf Course Plays Havoc With My Skincare..!

golfwomenA lady knows when she’s spent too long on the golf course because her skin ends up red and dry. They say being outdoors is a healthy pursuit, but it isn’t if you neglect your skincare I can tell you.

So ladies – and gents too really, but you guys hate doing anything perceived as remotely girly, so I’m really talking to the ladies only here – skin protection is important. Especially with an outdoor pursuit like golf because you know you’re going to be out there in the sun and wind for hours.

You don’t need to do anything particularly fancy, just exfoliating, moisturising and using sunscreen should keep you in tip top shape. Although it may be wise to avoid that middle section of the day anyway (depending on where you live) to avoid the harshest UV rays the sun can throw at us.

Now if you’re not an exfoliator, I recommend you rethink. It’s gone out of fashion more recently, but I tell you the results can beat the heck out of an expensive beauty salon session! Don’t overdo it though. But how often should you exfoliate your face? Not too often – because your facial skin in particular is delicate and hacking away with sandpaper is not going to do you any good. On that note, give one of the modern exfoliation mittens a try, because seeing the results from these is kind of gobsmacking – just watch the video at Skin Product Reviewer – seeing dead skin just roll away is a little disturbing! But you’ll be amazed at how bright your skin looks afterwards.

These exfoliator mitts are a little pricey but worth it. The cheap supermarket ones just fall apart quickly anyway. I’ve even seen someone say the results are as good as microdermabrasion – and in your own home too. Just remember to moisturize well afterwards.

And back on the golf course – don’t scrimp on the suncreen. Keep it in your golf bag, and reapply it regularly.