Golfing Tips For Better Putts

Golfer puttingIt’s a high value skill that each and every golfer must acquire and perfect – yet putting is often somewhat neglected, it’s just not as exciting as driving the ball as far as you can.

In fact putting is one of golf’s greatest aspects and it can really help you turn into a better golf player and shoot lower scores more often. Putting is basically some sort of mental challenge thus learning the ideal mindset to have while on the greens can make a huge difference to the success of your putting. However, this doesn’t mean that putting mechanics are of no importance. Practicing the putting stroke regularly is very critical. Here are some tips that can help you improve your putting.

1. Practice More Short Putts

Short putting is very essential and the most ideal way to perfect it is by simply hitting many short putts during the training session. Just hit many four to eight feet putts from different locations around the hole. With constant practice, you will discover that most of the putts you make are successful and increase your confidence levels. A rule of thumb is to ensure you do not leave the training ground without making the final putt you tried. If you are good in short putts, it will transfer into the longer putts.

2. Stick With One Approach

For you to perfect a certain skill, consistency is key. When it comes to putting, there are a wide number of mechanical approaches that you can use when learning how to putt. It is therefore important to pick on one approach, embrace it and stick to it. All you must remember is that your success in putting is basically a function of your attitude and the extent to which you have grooved your putting stroke. If you are occasionally changing putting techniques, then you will never get the opportunity to groove a certain technique.

3. Trust The Stroke You Make

Trust is an important aspect for consistency in proper putting and a great deal of putters get yips when they begin to have doubts in their game. It is imperative to train your stroke and trust it when the time to use it comes, whether in training or competitions. It is also essential to have trust in your abilities to judge distance, line and read greens. However, the truth is that no single individual can perfectly read every putt and it is therefore important to learn as much as possible from the misread putts.

Fears and doubts are the greatest killers of putting and it is therefore important to keep calm and avoid taking things so seriously. Bear in mind that you are supposed to have fun in the game so just let the enjoyment come by itself.