Just Why Is Golf So Popular?

golfpopularGolf is one of those games that has been soaring in popularity for years, and has never really shown any signs of decline. We never think about what makes golf such a popular game, we just play it. But the popularity comes from a culmination of factors.

The excuse to simply get out in the outdoors is one of the main reasons why we love golf. It’s an excuse to get away, without actually going away. As the spread of suburbia has hit most of the nation, it is getting to be harder for people to get outside and really enjoy their area as urban sprawl swallows everything in sight. Golf courses offer large tracts of land where you can enjoy nature again without having to be concerned about running into cars or even other people.

Hanging out with friends and drinking at the house is not something a lot of people do because of kids. However, when they go to the golf course or club, they generally have a chance to sit down and talk with their friends and kick back a few cold ones. So the adults are able to enjoy their time out again and know the kids are going to be taken care of by their spouse (or is that ‘golf widow’?). Without this time with the guys or gals, people start to go stir crazy.

Put the two together, and it’s easy to see why golfing, and many other outdoor sports and games, just continue to grow.